Hey guys, i have two revo trucks set up for off road. Im looking for a few revo/traxxas owner to meet up with, or just to bash with. i live in a subdivision with strict HOA so even with all the tempting construction sites im not allowed to play as of now i have one revo with an os 18tz never started and i need help breaking it in. i just spent a lot of time modding and installing the engine but im scared to start it because i have never done a break in myself. so, if theres anyone in the Tampa Florida area that would like to meet up or anything go ahead and reply. (im not a creep, i promise lol) but the LHS i have grown accustomed to has an oval dirt track and holds races every friday night. I have never been in the race scene but is definitely something i want to start, only problem is i want to meet a few people to do this with. A little about myself, im new to these forums, i have always read but never posted. I lost some interest in this hobby when my cousin left for the navy, but now im itching to play again but i need some friends in the hobby lol. I'm a 19 year old college student at the University of South Florida, majoring in electrical engineering. so if anyone wants to race or bash together let me know!