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    Can I push my E-Revo 1/16 vxl to the max,too the battery drains out? 50+mph

    Hi,can I push my E-Revo too the max 50+mph with the optional Pinion and a second battery pack,too the battery drains out? The brushless power system get's real hot after about 5 min or so,can I take all that power and still work? What do you guys think? As it is now,I'm a little afraid to push too the max 15 minutes or so?


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    welcome to the world of RC..... your in the wrong forum.....this is 1/ get more answers down below on the 1/16 forum.... best of luck to you.

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    You can......but you still need to watch the temps of the ESC...
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    Buy a 3S LiPo just for Speedruns. But for bashing use 2S LiPos.

    Dont waste Time with NiMHs. 6 hours charge for 15 minutes runtime :-!

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