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    Running problems

    Hi there. New to the forum. Had my T-maxx for approx 7.5-8 years. Not 100% if it's ever ran spot on. I warm the engine as i've read i'm supposed to before commencing the thrashing. But even during getting it warmmed up it cuts out and is a bugger to keep just at idle. Then once i'm (semi) happy with idle I'll try and get it going. It bogs, smokes like (You've triggered the language filter I've edited this out as it is against the rules see below) and cuts out. Fires back up straight away So i lean it probably 5 mins. Same again. So another 5 mins leaner and now it wants to set off like a rocket, GREAT! But then within a matter of seconds, it's loosing power and over heating. So I come back around 2.5 mins richer (all adjustment has been on the HSN.) and now it'll bearly move again and smoking loads. And also it looses idle rev, so it cuts out. And now won't re-start until i richen the LSN right out and then back in to settle the revs, or instead of that, I just plug the exhaust to choke it. It's creating vast hair loss as i don't want to quit it and get a battery car. I have had this thing going ok enough to enjoy it a a few times and I love it. Never heard or read of anyone having these exact problems so never posted for the fear of being laughed off and told to buy a battery car. ALSO my car has only hit second gear, maybe once. I've been told to adjust the shift point in the box. This hasn't worked. I completely stripped the box to understand how it works. Found that the reverse gear was stripped. Brought new gears and that is fixed. Completely cleaned and re-built. Works fine but still isn't achieving second. I think the problem is more power/RPM related than gearbox adjustment. Please can someone help. really wanna get this car right and properly enjoy it. Sorry for the long jabba-on post.

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    Ok well, one thing I see that sticks out like a sore thumb is that you mentioned in your post
    Quote Originally Posted by rolleye666
    (all adjustment has been on the HSN.)

    You have to tune in a specific order, the HSN and LSN relate directly to each other. See the pics below to help explain how they affect each other..

    You need to tune with only 1/2 a tank of fuel when tuning, make sure you have the engine up to operating temps.. Tune in this order.

    From factory settings
    High speed needle (to get you in the ball park as best you can)...
    Low Speed needle (use the pinch test to set this, provided in the link below)
    Back to the High Speed adjustment for fine tuning...
    Back to idle if necessary....

    Here's the link to a tuning write up I did with the help of some other very knowledgeable guys on here... It's well worth reading and going over...

    Hope this helps
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    NN is spot on, both the HSN & LSN need tuned correctly to get the engine to run right.

    If you have messed with the Idle gap then you need to reset it to 1mm.
    Idle gap adjustment screw, not "idle speed screw" adjust the LSN for idle speed.

    The Idle Gap, set to 1mm, you can us a #60 or #61 drill bit to set it.

    Use the drill bit like this to set the idle gap, you want the slide to just touch the drill bit lightly so when you pull it out the slide has a 1mm gap from the carb wall.
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    Hi guys thanks alot. Gonna try and get out there today and sort it. Brought fresh fuel, and a couple of new glow plugs, 2 starter wand batteries charged and nice cool air here at the min. should, in theory, be perfect. Really apprciate you fellas taking the time to read this and help me out. Will let you know how it goes.

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