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    another noob lesson learned. whats waterproofed and what isn't

    a while back i posted that thought my esc had burned out. so i parked my car for awhile while i saved money to get a new mm esc. but that was kinda hard i just got laid off. so my brother who got into rc cars 2weeks after i did has totally embraced the hobby as have i, but he's so into it and knows so much more. so my bro came over yesterday. with his merv and volt meters other stuff and he figure out that the day we went to the park the last day my merv worked i went thru a large mud puddle showing off my water proof components. anyway he/bro figure that the new lipos the charge plug must've got wet and was the cause of my problems but i didn't wanna believe that til he install my esc in his car and it ran without any issues at all.

    lesson learned esc, servo, receiver and stock battery waterproof. new (2)2cell lipos with exposed charge cord exposed not waterproof. not even in the battery compartment of the merv.

    yeah i feel like a idiot but i learned something new. i just got a new spc 3s 3cell 2500 lipo battery and back to bashing my merv. (RIOT..what i call it.)
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