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    Hope i've come to the right place here on Traxxas forum's hope can be helped out

    Well guy's gonna start by saying im new to r/c's and nitro just getting into them i have a older t maxx with the black case trans without the sensor. ok Im doing the FOC conversion on it being that my truck never wanted to go forward even if was switched on remote or manually pushed shift in with shift arm would never catch forward. so im getting rid of reverse i went and got the kit Traxxas Revo Part # 5394x willl that FOC work with my trans? please help id much appericate it thanks everyone.

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    I do believe for the Black tranny it's part # 4994X according to the parts list....

    It's out of stock at

    But I do see them in stock at Towerhobbies and Ebay....
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    The output shaft for the revo foc will be to long for the black trans, It's for the revo style center shafts.

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