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    Question about EVX 2

    I just want to start by saying it has been great on here so far!

    Love all the great idea's and rides!

    I have a question about the EVX2 ESC.

    How do you know if yours has the LVC built in?
    How do you set it?
    Or is it always set?

    My version of the Summit is the Kawasaki Edition, so I don't know if this helps in the determining if it has LVC or not.

    Thanks ahead of time as I bought mine used and don't have a manual to figure it out.

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    If it has it it will be labeled beside the power button.low voltage alarms from eBay will also work if yours is not equipped with that feature.

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    I have two Kawi editions and they do not have an LVC installed. I think they came out before TRAXXAS included it in the EVX2.

    But just in case here's the difference.

    Original EVX2 without (never mind that chared piece of wire )

    Replacement EVX2 with

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    Thanks guys, you were a big help.
    I don't remember seeing that on mine but I will double check later.

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