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Thread: easly broken?

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    easly broken?

    Hi all, I'm considering a E-maxx and am concerned about breaking it. How do these hold up if maintained? I currently have a Summit and am quite hard on it and consequently am replacing lots of parts. I don't mind replacing parts if I am extremely hard on it but under normal conditions I don't want to be repairing stuff.

    My buddy just gor a stampede and I want to keep up w him and the summit just won't....

    thanks for your input

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    There are things on the Emaxx that will break. My buddy owns a summit and I have it in my basement and frequently drive it. I have broken a part on his summit(left output shaft from the front differential). I beat the heck out of my Emaxx a lot harder than I beat his summit. I guess either way things break it's just a matter of how you drive it and what you hit. I will say the emaxx is easier to work on. Hope any of this nonsense helps.
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    if you rough with your summit then the emaxx is going to be just about the same maybe just a little more prone to break than the summit but not by too much more. Things are plastic on these so they do make RPM for certain areas would be a good idea when things break like a arms and a few other things and alum helps in certain areas as well like some use alum bulkheads and holds up better than rpm's do. so all in all i havent broken anything with my emaxx so far since i've had it and i've been rough with mine a few times. As mentioned it will also depend on what you hit and how hard you hit it.
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    My truck's chassis is bone stock, with the exception of a roll cage from rc raven, best money ever spent on it. I have beat the tar out of my truck, 12-14ft jumps, landing on the wheels sometimes, sometimes nose dive or tail first, heck even broke the case on two gens ace hard case lipo's, tried to jump a ditch and landed on the roof into the other bank at about 35, damage, one broken rear shock tower, two cracks in my proline silverado body( still upset about that), and bent the cage a little bit, but bent it back. Holy run-on sentence batman, lol. I would say that the cage is the best thing I have bought for my truck, it is well worth the weight penalty.

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