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Thread: Brass tubing

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    Brass tubing

    I receive my 9/32 brass tube with Teflon liner, I see that the stock were bend, do I have to do this also on the new one?
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    You should. I bent mine straight, then put a gradual curve in the whole thing. It came with a fairly tight bend about a third of the way towards the rear. The bend keeps the shaft from having to make an abrupt turn before exiting the hull and entering the strut.
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    Yes. The stock tube is bent for a reason. Match the stock tube and you should have no issues

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    I ran one boat all summer with the stock bend and the other boat with a straight tube. I have several hundred runs between both boats. No difference. As long as the strut is in proper alignment with the brass tube coming out everthing runs great. I grease every two runs and both cables are always clean and in good shape.

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