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    Some new ideas....?

    I saw an interesting thread on the slash forum about a liquid cooled system with a small CPU water pump and a boat water jacket for the engine and copper tubing and small radiator..... I think it would look really cool because it would also be more realistic!! and is there a special drive shaft that you can have like a quick disconnect so you could drive in 2wd?

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    the giant boot. Anybody?
    I'd say 4 screw's make's for a quick disconnect.
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    if you have a center diff you can't throw it into 2wd as easily, but I like the idea of simply splitting the drive shaft in half to deliver only to the rear wheels, since my e-maxx has CVD's in the center if I'm not using a center skid plate I can convert to 2wd by removing one screw but again it has no center diff, it's a pretty fun car in 2wd where a few other 4wd RC's I had weren't very well balanced in 2wd. As well as traxxas added remote locking diffs to the summit I think you could remotely shift from 2wd to 4wd fairly easily, most people wouldn't see a lot of benefit especially when a true 2wd racer would be just as interested in removing the extra weight but you could make it less complicated by manually switching levers to engage gears or differentials to eliminate the added channels to the radio and additional need for servos. Also traxxas needs to make it easier to mount go-pro's to their RC's the e-maxx 3906 is the only one I know of so far that's easy to mount up to.
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