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    Anyone own or try a Thunder Tiger MT4?


    I have a 1/16 Revo VXL, which I like a lot. Thinking about upgrading to an ERBE, mainly because I like the smaller one so much.

    But, I've been reading online alot, and it seems like everyone really likes the MT4. I'm looking for some comparisons from current ERBE owners.

    No racing (at least for now). ERBE costs a lot more. Is it a better truck?

    Any reasons to choose one over the other? I don't have a chance to test either out, so I'm relying on what I can read on the Net.

    The impression that I get is that, for racing, the ERBE would be great. Other than that, I may want to go with the MT4.

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    This is a TRAXXAS forum... sorry

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Please read our forum rules. Traxxas does not allow this vs that type posts nor do they allow talk of other brands of vehicles. This forum is here for the support and enjoyment of Traxxas vehicles.
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