My reverse gear servo was binding a little so I decided the easy option was to reposition the top mount after re-setting the servo to neutral position with my handy servo tool.
While I was undoing the little screw on top of the servo, I slipped and damaged the servo, wasn't so easy after all.
I managed to get a Traxxas 2060 servo to replace the 2065, which fits and works just fine.

I span the spur gear by hand so that the OptiDrive would think the Revo is moving and then I shifted into reverse, it did ?, it shouldn't have...

I reset the transmitter and re-programed the OptiDrive as described in the manual, still shifts into reverse and forward gears while the blue OptiDrive light is flashing.
I also tried running the revo and moving forward under engine power and shifting into reverse, it shifted. ?

I have replaced the OptiDrive sensor lead, now I have a spare... DOH

Can anyone help ??