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    rebuilding my front diff.

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my diff so what grease is recommended and what is meant by "shim " your diff?

    I soaked all the digg parts in paint thinner and now I need new gaskets.... they GREW!!!

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    100k silicone oil... not grease... is what is used stock.
    I put stock back in it when I rebuilt my front differential and am quite happy with the performance.

    There is a section on shimming in the FAQ.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    to shim a diff is to take as much play out of it as posible with out cuaseing it to bind or have alot of resistance
    what myself and i think jamann(for lubrication /dosent go in the diff) recomends is lu-max(at canadian tire ha ha) or a lithioum based marine grease
    it starts off navy blue then as it gets used by the parts it starts to turn green and man that smells
    if you dont like how much resistance grease puts on the diff thin it out with 3 in 1.almost changes to a low resistance gell

    aw man should of used motor clean but for the seals and rebber peices its best just to wipe them clean with a rage
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    This is how I rebuild my diffs mate...been rebuilding diffs like this for ages, read post #3. Shimming is good to eliminate any play between ring and pinion and for better gear mesh.
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    I use the Lu max for the non washout
    Properties.and resistance to salt water,
    No I do not drive in salt water but am surrounded by the ocean so rust is a concern.i haven't really noticed any real resistance,as in too thick but does depend on how you drive I suppose.

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    thanks for the assistance guys I read "how to shim diffs" (good read) . Hopefully my LHS will have shims and rubber gaskets on hand for me today so I can get going again.

    This is a truly great forum guys! Thanks as allways

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