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    Cool how do you remove transmission

    how do you remove transmission on emaxx 3903

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    There are 4 or 6 hex heads on the bottom of the trans that keeps it attached to the chassis (remove trans skid plate). Remove the driveshafts. You may also have to remove the motor(s). I usually remove the motor, the plastic covers, the driveshafts and those bottom screws holding in the trans. It is not bad. I'm not looking at my maxx but writing this from memory so hopefully I described it well enough.

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    The second-generation E-Maxx really facilitates transmission removal as msquad said. Just four screws on the bottom for the skid plate, another four underneath for the transmission, disconnect the driveshafts, and you're done. The old E-Maxx had eight long machine screws which really grated on my wrists.

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