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    ROAR approved 17.5T brushless suggestions

    Hey guys/gals

    like the title says I'm looking for a ROAR approved 17.5T brushless combo that is efficient, durable, yet inexpensive...... (waterproof would be good too) Right now I'm looking at the Novak 3330 Club Sensored Brushless System, Is this a good brand??

    Any suggestions would be great!

    also, maybe a dumb question but what's the difference between sensored and non-sensored esc's and can I use any esc with any motor?
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    the diffrence is low end control sensored has sensores and the emf wire to tell the esc where in the rotation the rotor is making low speed less likly to cog
    where as sensorless only has the emf wire to tell the esc where to rotor is making low speed more likely to cog

    as far as esc's it depends the esc has to be made for or set for brushless mode
    to my under standing you can run eny motor weather it be sensored or sensorless on a brushless esc its just that if the esc dosent have a sensor port then it can still run a sensored motor but you just dont have the benifits that a sensored motor could produce

    novak to me is a good quality brand but there esc cases do look cheap and i just dont here about them so i cant give a sure answer
    ^i do belive they are the first to make digital esc's so they should be rilly good
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    Sensored will not be waterproof.
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    I was looking at these rules the other day, after reading through them about a dozen times I still have no idea as to what ESC/motor combo to buy. If I do decide to start racing my Slash, I'll just go to the local tracks and ask what the novices and pros are running.
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    I think this Novak system is going to underpower your Slash, even on a small track. AND, it comes with Tamiya plugs and bullet connectors... geez, I thought those went out with 6-cell nimh.

    Sensored is generally more expensive than sensorless systems and most guys you race against will be using a $275 Tekin 17.5 system. If you're a beginning racer, you could get away with the Castle MMP and a $70 17.5 motor until you save for a better system.
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