My Dad bought my Son a Blast for his birthday, got it all ready to run tonight, he was just a little excited, haha, first R/C boat, lots to learn I'm sure.

He had to pull out his digger and see how they looked together

Ready to test her out tomorrow, I bought a 5000 mah battery for it and a xl-5 ecs so it will do reverse.

I had to adjust the steering because there was no way I could center it with the trim, while I was doing this he decided to turn his truck on and I quickly found out that they are both on the same channel

I'm not much of a R/C guy, just getting into it for my Son because he likes it so much, how do I change the channel on one of them, I'm sure there will be times his sister and him will each be driving one at the lake and it would be nice if they weren't on the same channel, I might just upgrade the truck to a 2.4 if I have to, not sure yet.