Well, I can't say I "fixed" it, but now it's much better then it was... Ok, here it goes. A while back while I was cleaning out my Slayer, I spilled some motor oil into the gas tank. I could not for the life of me, get it all out of the baffals in the tank. So, I just put some nitro in to the tank so I could run it out with the oil in it. But, much to my suprise, the oil floated on top of the nitro. So I took my Slayer out to run it anyway, just figureing I would have to lean it out some because of all of the oil. But the oil never mixed in with the nitro, it just stayed on top of the fuel. As the tank fuel level got lower and lower, about when it starts to lean out, it started to suck some of the oil in. In the manuel it says, "Never completly run you model out of fuel, as the tank fuel level gets very low, it leans out the air/fuel mixture and it can damage your model's engine." But, because it was sucking in the oil, it could no longer hurt anything, execpt create alot of smoke. Needless to say, it was kind of nice. I could tell when the fuel level got low, because it would start to bog down just a little bit and create alot more smoke. I'm not saying everyone should try or do this, becuase who knows if doing this could damage anything, I just thought I'd share what I found.