Well, I'm looking at upgrading my Slash because it's still only 50/50 I'll get my Summit... The Slash is a 2wd Xl-5. But, anyway, what are the best upgrades under, $250? Most of the parts (no joke) are worn out. The tie rod ends, the steering bell cranks, the tires, (almost slicks now) the shocks, the castor blocks, the driveshafts, and even the a-arms all have tons of slop in them! (But look at the bright side, I've sure had fun getting those parts that worn out) I'm looking at getting as much upgrades (number wise) as I can. I really don't want to spend $150 on one part. Here is what I'm looking at getting.

Traxxas big bore shocks
An aluminum transmission case (Which brand should I get?)
A better motor esc. combo then the Xl-5 setup it had right now.
Better tires.
Replacement parts for all of the worn out ones I listed above.

Any other ideas?
I'm not sure on getting lipos, my mom hates them. Thanks for the help!