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Thread: xo-1 esc

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    xo-1 esc

    I was thinking of using the xo-1 esc in my emaxx as I'm put the 1800kv in my truck on 6s
    Will I have to do anything to the esc or can i just drop it in. I was told by a friend that I have to
    "unlocK" esc? is this is headache to do, or should I just stick with the regular MMM?

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    yes you have to unlock esc for its full potiental. its not a headache you just need to have someone with the tqi, iphone, download the traxxas app, sign a release to traxxas and then unlock it and your good to go. not sure if the connectors are the same for the motor and esc to match up you might want to take a look at that too.
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