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    tqi and castle products?

    I have a tqi radio and i cant get any range. im running a mmp esc, a2400 kv motor , a 10 amp bec, and a futuba servo. has anyone else ran in to this problem?

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    I don't have that hardware setup, but other people have complained about no range with their tqi setup. Traxxas customer support seems to take care of their issues, try giving them a call see what they can do for you.

    I've seen enough complaints to believe there was a big batch of faulty tqi's that were either dead on arrival, or shortly there-after.

    Fortunately I received one that hasn't had any issues, and I've taken it apart 25x and resoldered everything 100 times on it while testing other things.

    Good luck, sorry I couldn't give a better response!

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