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    Any one ever heard or expreience this

    I was driving my slash 4x4 around, doing basic jumps nothing to extreme, (2 ft ramp) all of a sudden my car turns off. Try to turn it back on, nothing, disconnect battery, plug back in, nothing. I try and charge my Lipo 2s 4000mah, the charger says No Battery. I have no idea what jostled loose, Can anyone explain?

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    stock esc?

    is the button on the esc stuck?
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    my best guess would be that your battery is toast try the stock batt and see if the truck powers up or not. if it does it's your lipo simple as that

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    I agree, its a battery prob if your charger and truck will not recognize the lipo. It probably broke a wire or two internally, which in turn means you should be very careful with it, try testing it or having someone knowledgeable test it. If dead cut the leads and throw it in a pail of salt water for a day to discharge the cells, Then recycle it.

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    It is also possible that some of the leads on your battery have come apart or unsoldered. My balance wires have done this before. It was a very easy fix, but only if you know what you are doing.
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