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    New to the Traxxas Slayer Scene

    The Slayer has arrived at home but I'm out of town (for another day) because my wife is in the hospital recovering from surgery.

    What should I do to enhance my "out-of-the-box" experience? I have been reading what I can about the car and sucking it all in hoping some of it retained in this old "hard-drive", any suggestions on what to do or read?

    My experience is limited to bashing with a 1/10th 2wd electric and flying medium size R/C fixed wing aircraft (crashed my limit this year). I miss the nitro sound and smell and decided to go Nitro 4wd for "ground flying". Watch out trees!

    Thank you in advance from the "4-wheel Radio~Flyer".

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    Welcome to the Slayer, and Traxxas Forums! First of all, I'd get sway bars. They help a TON with the handling... I LOVE my Slayer. The Slayer is a great truck, and it's lots of fun! You may have noticed that there aren't to many upgrades for the Slayer, but, that's a good thing because that means there isn't much room for improvement, also meaning the Slayer is well built. Of the very few upgrades you can get for the Slayer, a few of them are must haves. The sway bars, part number 5998 is must because it really helps to not flip it, and it makes it alot more stable. Personally, I would get better tires, but that's up to you if you want. The stock tires are good, but there are better tires out there. In terms of nitro, yes, the Slayer has it's share of bad tunes and other common nitro problems, but once you get it tuned, it's a BEAST! I've really enjoyed mine, and I'm still driving and bashing it every day even though I got it 8 months ago. If you have any more questions, just ask! We are here to help! Hope this helps!
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    Also with the sway bars look into some stiffer springs too. I'm running blue and silver springs in mine with the sway bar and also have hub extensions, and only time I really roll is because of driver error of me trying to do something stupid like. Tires are a must, if your going to be on asphalt a lot . I had mine bald before I was through my first gallon. I've had mine for almost two years, got it not to long after if came out and I'm still running the control arms that came on the truck. I did swap in some rpm carriers, stocks never broke just got a set off somebody cheap.

    One thing I will say is check your slipper clutch. When I first got mine I kept shearing the pin on the output shaft in my tranny. But been good for the past year. Other than that I have no complaints bout it, I bash it every week on my second motor with it. That was after 13 gal or so.

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    Welcome to the Slayer family! As others have said swaybars and stiffer springs at least in the rear are a must. Also I raised the rear body mount to the highest holes to keep from rubbing the body on the tires under hard acceleration and big jumps. It is a great truck and. I believe you will enjoy it . I KNOW I LOVE MINE! Love the looks from neighborhood kids when it goes ripping down the street at 50!

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    Be patient when doing the engine breakin. It is a long boring process but once it is done then the fun can begin. I have had zero problems with mine and have had it over a year now. The only upgrades I have done so far are a sway bar kit, new wheels/tires and aluminum toe links. I do have a center Diff and rear brake kit on order. I also have a new radio for ir. The stock radio is fine but a bit of a pain to adjust so I went with an Airtronics radio that has a easy to read menu screen.

    Enjoy the truck!

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