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    stock nimh vs 2s lipo

    I finnally got my slash ultimate and have been bashing a bit. I must say, stock i am kinda unimpressed with the power/nimh combo. Will me upgrading to the 2s make a big difference or is it time for me to start bulinding/buying one that is capable of running 3s? Thanks!!!

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    LIpo is going to make a big difference over nimh

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    Lipo will give you more run time of the same power, unlike a NIMH, as soon as you pull that trigger, you loose power, but with Lipo you'll have the same power for longer. With 2s you'll notice a difference but not alot difference in speed. With 3s on the stock system, you'll notice a HUGE difference but you have to be careful by watching the temps because you'll cook the VXL motor on 3s without watching the temps. If you want more speed, cool temps and have more fun. Put a Castle Creations sytem in your truck. I recommend the cc 2400kv and MMP esc, its $190 on a website. It roars on 4s but does fairly well on 3s and good on 2s, You can also gear it up very high and still have it run cool. I had mine geared 25/50 with 4s and i got 45 mins of run time with the motor being shy of 150 degrees.
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    wow thats geared high!! ^^
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