Hi Desert Short Course - Joshua Tree, Ca 92252

This is not your traditional RC Short Course Racing. This is not a timed event.

So here’s ho we do it.

Qualify: To qualify for the main you must be the first to win 3 races in your race group to generate a win you must be the first across the line after 3 laps. Do that three times and you’re on to the Mains! Only one racer from each heat will transfer.

FLIP: If you flip, you’re race is over. Racers do not need to retrieve their own vehicles. We use corner marshals to remove the vehicles from to track as best as possible to reduce the risk of unnecessary damage. If everybody flips and you’re the last one on the track, cool your jets, and complete a full lap and you’ll take the win.

2 Minute Pit:

Every racer is entitled to a single 2 minute pit stop per round of racing. The 2 Minute Pit is intended for quick repairs, or emergency battery changes. All other race vehicles are to remain on the track. Racing will resume in 2 minutes whether or not the racer who is in the pits is ready. Racer resumes race at the back of the starting grid following the 2 Minute Pit. If more than one racer calls for a Pit Stop the last to call for a Pit Stop starts last.

Last Chance Qualifier: If you don’t win in the first round, no sweat. Your day is not over. There’s an opportunity for all round one losers to race for a position in the Main Event.

The Schedule:
8:00 – Track Opens – Every track has a designated pit and spectator areas where EZ-UP’s can be set up for you and your families comfort.

8:10 – Open Practice – This is your opportunity to get familiar with the track and get your truck dialed in.

8:45 – Track Closed – We’ll be watering and sweeping before the start of the Qualifiers

8:50 – Drivers Meeting

9:00 – Qualifying Heats

After the LCQ’s there is a 30 minute break before the main.

*search "The Tube" with the search term "HDSC" for some videos of the race action.