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    B6AC professional balance charger

    Brought the Mike Neff 1/8 scale funny car from Sydney, the guy that sold it to me didn't seem sure about what he was doing.. he sold me the car, the B6AC pro charger and a batt pack (LIPO 3300 mah 3 cell 11.1v). He said I needed an adopter plug so I brought that to, got it back to the house we were staying in and couldn't charge it, wrong vol input error kept popping up, fixed that got it loaded properly now with it all loaded up and the batt all hooked up it keeps coming up with circuit break, there is no circuit break.. Is there a simple fix to this problem..? as I'm not going back to Sydney any time soon.

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    check the balance port on both the battery and charger. They could be dirty or damaged.

    I had that issue with a worn out traxxas connector, and also see it alot with the venom multi plug system at the track. Somewhere in the line, there is a connection break. If its not the plugs or wires, its internal in the charger. It is there, you just have to find it 8)
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    This can also be caused by a bad battery...sometimes the internal cell connections get cracked/broken from impact or abuse.

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    Third-party product support is not available on the Traxxas forums. Please contact the respective manufacturer[s].
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