Was excited to get home today to a fully charged 3s 5000Mah battery and a warm sunny day. Only for it to end with a MIP Xduty rear shaft pin falling out and getting lost. I have been building, bashing, racing and breaking hobby grade R/C's since I was 14 years old. I will be turning 40 in less than six months. I've had Tamiya, Associated, Kyosho, and Traxxas. The quality of cars and trucks today is ten times better than it was 26 years ago. But there is no worst feeling, (R/C RELATED), than having to cut your run short due to a part failure. Especially when it's a hop up part that is suppose to improve durably. Then having to go to the LHS or worst, wait and order replacment parts. Plus having to open up your wallet. For those of you wondering. Yes, I used Red Loctite on the grub screws. But yet still loosened up. As Charlie Brown would say.....AAUUUUUURGGHHHHHH!

At least it's an inexpense fix this time......Just need to vent!!!!!