I was excited to finally have the time to install my new MIP shafts. I started with the front cause one of the integy XHDs were broke. I have the 17mm adapters which utilize the axle pin. The MIPs have no hole for the pin and instead use set screws to hold the little hex hub. A quick search for 17mm adapters that use grub screws came up blank...Even the MIP adapters! I just don't get it! The kind of power the MIP's are designed to put out is too much for the stock size hex's in my opinion. I realize a hole will weaken the shaft but if they ever do break at that point I'll have to come up with another solution I guess.

Am I missing something or is everyone running MIP's with 17mm adapters drilling their own holes?

BTW I only dot the front so far in hopes for a better solution.