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    Reverse issues with new 2WD Slash

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I was unable to find this issue within the Slash thread..

    I purchased a new 2WD RTR Slash (Model #5803), I truly love this thing it is really an awesome car.. Except.... The reverse is very finicky.. Meaning sometimes it works sometimes it does not.. When it does work, it's at full speed only... If I try to slowly reverse nothing happens, if I QUICKLY push the trigger into reverse all the way up it will work maybe 50% of the time.. So when I need reverse I need to push the trigger forwards several times all the way before it works.

    Is this some error with the controller or maybe the speed control or are these just not designed to work in reverse that well? Previous non-toy store RC cars I have had (It's been several years) never had reverse so I am not really sure if this is a problem or just a 'bug' of sorts.

    Thanks for any advice in advance,

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    Sounds like an esc issue. First thing to try, it to recalibrate the esc to the radio system. If that does not work, call traxxas support.
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