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    False information in Traxxas support document about storing NiMH?

    I did some research about storing NiMH batteries properly and most of the time it's said to store them fully charged. Not so Traxxas! Read what they say:

    "Nickel batteries should be fully discharged before charging, and should be stored fully discharged (just use the battery in your R/C vehicle until the battery can no longer move it)."

    So is this just a wrong information (maybe to sell more batteries ... )?
    Or is it better indeed to store them empty?

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    In my 5 year experience with RCs (and lots more in other areas), if you leave a NiMh battery discharged for a long time, then it's ruined, you won't be able to charge it again, and if you do, the battery will no longer be as it was before... And, I'll give you an example, the old flat black square NiMh charger from Traxxas (I have 5 of them) won't accept a fully discharged NiMh battery...

    And, it's the same thing with the 50% for storage they say for the LiPos, 50% of what? That's inaccurate information... Just say, store your LiPos at 3.85v or whatever it's a good votlage for them...
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