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    Question RPM 82072 revolver Slash 4x4 fitting help please NOOB

    Hey all... So I bought my first "aftermarket" set of rims for me SL4SH Ultimate and thought I had done the right thing, after watching the Ultimate RC youtube vid BUT, I have ordered the round wheel nuts instead of the 12mm hex and it doesn't look like they will fit the front hubs. (round vs hex)

    Can someone please advise me of what I need to complete the task.

    Mission: Fit RPM Revolver pn:82072 on to Slash 4x4 Ultimate.
    Items already have: RPM 82072, Proline Trenchers, Slash (stock wheel area)

    Items needed: Help coz I'm a NOOOB


    oh and I cant send them back coz international ebay buy.... (Cheaper to buy replacement rims)

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    Best advice I can offer is to sell them and buy rims that will fit. To make these wheels fit would take modding your entire output shafts, bearing carriers etc to switch it over to a nitro stampede or such. Then you wont be able to run anything but wheels made for that as well as this being a huge undertaking.

    Basically there are two widely used wheels on the slash 4x4. The stock 12mm hex and the 17mm adaptors so you can run buggy wheels that can easily be changed right back to 12mm hex. Hex peg has an issue with fitting a round hole.

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    The round is for nitro. They house a bearing. Always make sure you buy 12mm hex. If you want to run a 2.2 you NEED the Revolver "wide" p/n 82232. You need to buy 4 total as they are all the same offset. I run these with 2.2 badlands and they ROCK for bashing. However this set up did require some fender trimming.

    ***To be clear,..if you do NOT want to run the SC style rims and you do want a 2.2" type rim,..the only 2.2 I know that fits is this "wide" version. All other 2.2's will not fit the front caster blocks.
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