Ok, I am still newer to the Nitro scene. I got my first slayer, but 3rd nitro truck, so I have a fair grasp on what I am doing at this point. I broke in my slayer, and now I am trying to get a grip on the driving and such. I have decided that at the least the rear suspension is too soft, and I see that I am not the only one coming to this conclusion skimming through different forums with other new owners. Problem I found was that it was highly recommended changing out the springs, specifically in the rear, but no one recommended a new rate. So lets start there, with some spring rates. It looks like my slayer is dragging its rear, it squats so much under acceleration. I like the front, but I'm not familiar with how that will change once I swap out the rear. Also, how effective is the center diff at reducing acceleration squat? I'm looking already into the sway bars. Also, like I stated, I am still newer, but it feels as though the slayer has quite a bit of weight to it, and looking at the race ready gear, it all seems to be towards lightening up the slayer, does anyone have a good list of what all is recommended lightened for competitive racing?

Any information would help, I have found too much time on my hands and the tinkering helps me keep my mind focused.