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Thread: My E-Jato VXL3s

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    My E-Jato VXL3s

    I have had the Jato 3.3 since 08 and it was a gift and also my first hobby grade rc. So i never want to get rid of it but i hate driveing it because it was nitro. So I wanted to convert it to electric with out spending any $. So what i did was i took the whole rear end off, The tranny, Battery box, A-armes everything. It's not a true conversion but i did not wantt o put the $ into it. I had a whole bunch of Stampede 2wd parts on hand so i slaped a Pede rear end together and set it on my Jatos chassis and it looks just like it did when it was Nitro. I will post pics soon, I still need a dremel because i need to trim the mid plastic frame so i can fit a bettery in there and i need to make 4 new tranny screw holes. But other then that it's done, It's kinda a Hybrid now but i wanted to make my Jato 3.3 to an E-Jato with out buying new parts so i am veary happy with the way it cam out. I just hope it all holds together and is still veary strong.
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