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Thread: ESC question

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    ESC question

    I have a Slash and my son has a HPI Blitz here is the problem. He burned up his esc yesterday and I was going to put my extra XL5 in it. He is using a Traxxas controller and receiver already. When I hooked everything up it didn't work right. The steering works fine but the throttle does nothing. I thought it might be the motor but I hooked up a brand new T12 and still nothing. Any ideas?

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    The throttle may be set wrong on his transmitter - is anything flashing green?

    Also you need to re-configure the throttle to the new transmitter.

    Here's a quick cut & paste to help ya!

    XL-5 Setup Programming (Calibrating your ESC and transmitter)
    Read through all of the programming steps before you begin. If you get
    lost during programming or receive unexpected results, simply unplug
    the battery, wait a few seconds, plug the battery back in, and start over.
    1. Disconnect one of the motor wires between the
    XL-5 and the motor. This is a precaution to prevent
    runaway when the speed control is turned on before
    it is programmed.
    2. Connect a fully charged
    battery pack to the XL-5.
    3. Turn on the transmitter
    (with the throttle at neutral).
    4. Press and hold the ESC set button
    (A). The LED will first turn green and
    then red. Release the set button.
    5. When the LED blinks RED ONCE. Pull
    the throttle trigger to the full throttle
    position and hold it there (B).
    6. When the LED blinks RED TWICE.
    Push the throttle trigger to the full
    reverse and hold it there (C).
    7. When the LED turns solid GREEN, programming is
    complete. The LED will continuously shines green
    indicating the XL-5 is on and at neutral (D).


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