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    Please help with a problem

    My Summit is making a clicking/grinding type sound when accelerating and I think it is the slipper clutch. It seems to still be performing fine. I took apart the rear diff and it is fine. Haven't done the front yet. However I did shim the front, so don't think it is that either. Anyone else experience anything like this or know what to expect when the slipper clutch has gone bad? If I am just cruising and not under any torque, no sound.

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    It is a differential...
    The tiniest of imperfections can cause slippage. Did you go through ever tooth of the pinion and ring gear with a pin? The slightest debris in the mesh of the gear will force the set to un-mesh and click/grind.
    Also, just because it is shimmed does not mean it will never fail.

    The slipper clutch has nothing to grind... it can only squeal from slipping too much.

    You also may want to check the transmission.
    The gears don't really fail, but the bearings do... causing the gears to fail.

    Also check the shafts for significant wear.
    If they are really wore they can slip within each other.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    I agree, most likely the ring and pinions--particularly if nothing in the driveline is loose. Slipper clutch squeals when slipping.

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    +1 to the tranny bearing. Could also just be a piece of bark jambed in the driveline.
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