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    New Upgraded Parts for my mini summit???

    Can someone please point me in the right direction for some aluminum shocks?
    Upgraded a-arms?

    links would be great. I guess i'm just an idiot and can't find this stuff.

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    Here is the center shaft:

    Here are the axle shafts:
    ** These are for the Revo as they do not have a set specifically for the Summit. It is possible that you will need to install a the rear arms from a Revo and/or lower your suspension travel.

    Front RPM arms:

    Rear RPM arms:
    ** These are for the Revo as RPM has stated they will not be producing arms specifically for the Summit. They will decrease wheel base (the measurement from front axle to rear axle) by 1cm.

    As for shocks...
    Do you want big bore shocks or standard bore?
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    From my perspective, I would leave the rear A-Arms and CVs alone in particular since they give you a longer wheelbase and a little wider stance--we've had zero problems with A Arms or CVs. A good upgrade we've tried are the knuckles, we've tried RPM and GH aluminum as well as the Traxxas screwed in pillow ball retainers. The first two have worked well, can't recommend the Traxxas retainers. We've also done well with the Traxxas aluminum shock upgrade using stiffer springs in the rear and thicker shock oil.

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    for a good shock upgrade go with hr shock bodies with stock internals and spring .use traxxas seals not the hr seals

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