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    Complete 4-Tec teardown and rebuild BL & 3.3 diffs

    I have been wanting to do this project for some time. I knew it was only a matter of time until the Sidewinder system and lipo power destroyed my diffs. It was ok for awhile, but alas, the time has come to gibe the old girl the rebuild she needs. I figured if I'm going to go that far, I might as well go all out. I did a bit of research and got my parts list from the 3.3 diff sticky and added some more. I am going to replace all the pulleys, bearings, belts and install 3.3 Nitro diffs front and rear. I got a new bumper, foam, sway bars, rear side plates, and upgraded output yokes. I'm also shopping for some new wheels and tires and I'm also considering making a lower chassis from a piece of aluminum. I've cut several for other custom builds, and by comparison, this one would be quite easy. I got everything from ebay, but am still waiting on a few parts. Yesterday, I got two completely built new diffs with bearings for fourteen dollars including shipping! I have two sets of tires and wheels for this car already, and I'm considering getting drifters. Looks like fun. I also discovered that my rear shock tower is cracked, and I believe RPM makes a replacement, so I'll be getting one of those as well. I might also get some aluminum shocks for it since I'm going this far. This will probably take some time, as I'm busy remodeling my house. (See my thread in the Alley) Here's some pics of what I have assembled so far.....

    No need for a body; this one hasn't seen much use....

    Looking a little rough....

    The bumper is pretty much gone. Jumping your 4-Tec in rally trim will have this affect after awhile!!

    The 5700 is taking a toll on the internals....

    My parts collection so far....

    Not sure if you can see, but the tower is broke in two places. 2

    Not bad for $14!!!

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