Hey just wanted to say that today after breaking two axles on the mini summit after just replacing front bulkhead, and not being able to make my jato even run, i am even more impressed with my stampede. With only mods being alum shock caps and 55w shock oil i have run probably 20 5200mah 2cell packs through this thing with the only repairs being a dab of glue on one of the tires and a bum esc(notorious with traxxas but great warranty). Even still running stock axles. I run slipper 2/3 turn.i do not baby this truck and constantly catch 5-7' high, 20' long jumps with some of the worst landings ive had! This truck is super tough, parts are cheap, and if anyone is reading this thinking of getting one do It! Ive have tried my hardest to refrain from upgrading this truck till it breaks but it has just keeps going. I Wish i had bought this truck first and i would have saved alot of headache