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    Air Brake on an XO-1

    Just thought of this idea while watching videos of the Rally 1/10 due to the spoiler on the back/top of it. I have seen one guy on here with a drag chute, but how effective would an air brake be on our car in place of a drag chute? You wouldn't have to repack the chute and since the XO-1 is the Veyron of R/C cars, why not have a brake like a Veyron?!

    Just in case you don't know what the air brake on the Veyron looks like:

    XO-1 #4...

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    Looks nice! I've seen it on some on road cars and on a Jato once...
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    I'm thinking something like that for an RC car would have to be huge and may even induce a backflip slamming into the air from 100+ mph.

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