Hey guys

I'm buying either Trencher X's or Badlands for backyard bashing, dirt, and some onroad.

A. ^ I'm getting 1/2 offset rims, not sure which ones yet. But will they drop right on? I purchased a used revo 2.5 and it has transformed into many different forms of a revo and its now an e-revo and has the little i think it's from the platinum revo 3.3 where they look like arrows on each end? its not a hexagon like the revo 2.5 wheels are and geodes. What adapter should i get for the wheels to work with my car?

B. It's been a while, what kind of glue should i get? thin? medium?

C. I have my p2 rockers and the stock pushrods on and i have it set to the highest it will go, how can i convert it to a higher stance? p3 rockeres and extended pushords?

links are loved!