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    Mounds ORV Park = Summit Country!

    shot some video at the ORV park that i take my summit to. everyone always says good terrain is a must for a summit, well this place has it! dirt/mud/sand/rocks/trails/hill climbs/water crossings/woods/plains/you get the idea.

    it was very difficult to stay out of the mud and water, but i had my phone on board and the new tube chassis would have let water and mud into EVERYTHING. enjoy!

    Part 1: The trek back to Longhole and the Rock Crawling areas

    Part 2: Hanging out around Longhole

    Part 3: Crawling area

    Part 4: Headed out of the park


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    Nice videos...looks like a great place for the Summit...
    Rock n Rolla !

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    All kinds of different terrain in one place = Summit Heaven

    Looks like you had a great time!! Cage Summits look great dirty

    IMO find a GI Joe, Halo, Spock, Kirk, or even He Man for the drivers seat

    Must be the kid in me
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    Thanks for sharing those clips. Great video's and I love that body. Keep'em coming :-)

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