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    Air Filter of choice?

    What is everyone's choice of air filters? Looking for something better them what is on the Revo 2.5. Looks like the 3.3 filter, or Motor saver filter, would get more air to the motor.

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    Honestly this filter is one of my favorite ones,it does all the dutys
    you'll need from a airfilter,its really almost a waste of money
    to buy an more expensive aftermarket one just my opion though.
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    I go with what came stock on mine: Traxxas dual-stage air filter as linked in the second. Inexpensive and I purchased some additional foams so that I can be in process of cleaning one and have a clean one on the truck.
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    I really don't see a need to replace or upgrade the stock dual stage Traxxas air filter. Just my 02. cents.
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    The filter in the 1st link from the 2.5, from what I have read, can be a little restrictive with air flow as it is partly enclosed & the opening can get dirty faster as its a smaller area the air is sucked through.
    The 2nd link is the same as my 5309 model Revo which is virtually a 1/8 scale air filter that does a pretty good job & wouldn't need to be upgraded because its as good as most others. As long as there isn't to much oil soaked into the filter there won't be any restrictions in air flow with this one. About the only other thing you could do is put filter bag or something similar over the filter in the 2nd link to stop some of the larger particles getting onto the filter meaning you wouldn't have to change it quite so much.
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