I just got my new TQi system on friday, it is in my axial crawler, because the 4th channel switch is used for my winch, my local hobby shop has swapped wires so that this switch functions correctly for the winch, now the problem I am having... I picked it up from the hobby shop, turned it on, the speed control cycled fine, however it would humm as if the vehicle was moving, well the throttle trim is SLIGHTLY forward, so I brought it back to the hobby shop to see if they could help me out, the radio would NOT go into the menu to setup the end points, so after playing with it for a little bit we got it into menu and then the radio and receiver became unlinked, so we played with it a little more and it relinked, only this time the only channels that work are 3 and 4. we tried linking the receiver to an older style TQ radio and it linked up almost instantly. When I brought it into the shop before all of this happened, EVERYTHING worked perfectly fine, the steering was plugged into channel 1, the speed control into 2, the winch into channel 3, and the lights into battery. It almost seems like since the wires for the switch were changed around the menu and stuff is all messed up, can someone help me with this issue?