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    Rally Sway Bars, Wheels & Tires, Fifty Five body?

    Guys, I'm new to the forum but have been following the Rally information for awhile. First, has everyone found it necessary to install the sway bars on an out-of-the-box Rally to get the best handling? Also, has anyone thought about how the XO-1 wheels/tires would work on the Rally? Leading to my last question/observation, it might be kinda cool to use the XO-1 wheels with the new Fifty Five body and turn it into a street rod of sorts. I was thinking of this wheel/tire combo as it may be narrow enough to actually fit inside the body to run it nice and low like a street rod. I've also tried the Anaconda tires on the All Star wheels (a bit heavy) and the Pro-Line Road Rage 2.8s on the Desperado wheels, both setups seem to work pretty well.

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    Welcome to Rally craze.....

    I have not installed sway bars yet, going to dial up the stock suspension then likely add a front only sway bar. I think much of the roll can be minimized with different springs and shock oil weight but for more agressive on road perhaps the sway bars come into play additionally.
    This may become the choice chassis that gets to see many faces (bodies) we all have our favorites.

    There needs to be more tire offerings dedicated to this vehicle and I hope they show up soon.

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    Hi Mugsy , I havent put my rally on a road yet and it hadles like a dream. And the tyres cope ok, but i agree with kwitty as something a bit grippier for the rocky tracks would be great

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    I haven't done a thing to my stock Rally yet. I'm planning to race mine on a dirt track with the SC trucks so I'll probably start tuning it in the spring.

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