I'm gonna save a buck on the full rc and convert. I've got the front bumper (trx) and p4de rear. I've got Proline's Focus body, new mounting system with thumb screws, (also all the parts needed to proline the front mounts). I'll use the 3800 and mmp till I make up my mind on a combo, will be something new to me like, rx8/2350 or similar. This will be a 3s car for drift and rally. I do not plan on pvc or drift tires for drifting, I'll just power up till I can spin them with ease hehehe.
This will be a TRCE build, I'll by a full rally for comparison in a few weeks. I figure my TRCE set up is near identical but will be heavy compared to the composite trx truck. I will be re-using losi ten shocks but plan on a custom color later. Also planning on protrac kit, even the wheels for once lol. I have a few shaft mods im planing so stay tuned lol. I'm thinking of going with a set of trenchers, trencher x, or the new Jconcepts tire for on/off road, mot sure yet.