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    Exclamation How Can I Test To See If Lipo Is Damaged?

    hi guys ...
    a 2S lipo, 5300mah.

    how can i test to see if this has been damaged?
    my charger is a thunder ac6.

    newbie, step by step please.
    thanks guys!

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    I don't know that charger, but the most simple way is to just hook it up to the charger, and start a charge. then you do like this guy @ 7.33 min. Press the inc button to gett to the Voltage menu while it's charging

    if one cell is reading way low ore high compared to the other cell , then it's probably done( not sure why you suspect it to be damaged).


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    Seeing that Traxxas does not make a 5300 mah battery, you'll need to contact the manufacturer of the battery to answer your question(s).
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