So, I have an Erevo which had a mamba monster motor in it but I took it out to put in another truck. I have a titan 775 motor, a VXL-3s ESC, and a XL-5 ESC laying around that I'n not using. I don't want to go buy an EVX ESC because it's expensive and I'm broke. I was wondering if I can use the Titan 775 motor with both the VXL-3s ESC and the XL-5 ESC? The VXL-3s can power brushed motors by the way. Or is the VXL-3s enough to power the Titan 775 in an Erevo. Since the tital 775 has four wires, I can connect 2 of them to the VXL-3s ESC and the other two to the XL-5 ESC. Will this setup work or not? Please help. Thanks guys.