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    Drive System Upgrade for Rock & Me (Mod/Pictures)

    Dear Rock (and anyone else interested),

    AeroMarine is rite up the road from me. I stop by there often on my way home from work. Anyway, the head guy told me he gets a lot of calls about guyz having problems with their stock Spartan drive couplers not holding their flex cables. He gave me one of the AreoMarine couplers to have, and use on my boat.

    Anyway, when I took it home, and looked at it; I thought it was kind of big. I slipped an extra flex cable I had in it, and it was definitely a tighter fit on the flex cable. The problem was, when I tried installing it on my boat it wouldn't fit. It was too long. What I did was shorten it by about 5/8's of an inch. I did this by milling the part that secures to the motor, on the motor end. Then, I milled the part that screws on the the main part at the brass tube/ESC end. I finished by putting the coupler together, and milled the brass insert core closer to the stainless steel body.

    After my modification, the AreoMarine coupler fit nicely in my boat. The only things I didn't care for was the coupler diameter was bigger than my motor feed threw hole. This made the coupler harder to install, and would make my boat harder to maintenance.

    Here's some pictures:



    The problem with the stock drive coupler is; that it has to be tightened all the way to the end of it's travel to get any kind of a grip.

    So, what's a ReglarDude do? He mills the the thread side of the securing nut of the stock drive coupler...that's what he does.

    With this simple modification, you can save 10 bucks, and have plenty of thread space to get a secure grip on your flex cable. With that said, I can tell you that I tried mine, and it seems to be very working well. I hope this helps you Rock, and I hope you other guyz like my idea.
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