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    gulwing a-arms what is the advantage

    hey guys so been thinking on how to improve the slash 2wd and seen that other race inspired rc's have ''gullwing'' suspension .
    on that note how does it help suspension,handleing and preformance in genaral

    and to move the shocks back(like what jang did for his race rustler) how would that help also
    i guessing that since they would be lower they'ed help ?

    thanks guys
    summit /mustang /stampede-2s spc lipo

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    The gullwing arms move the lower shock mount down, allowing the shock tower to be shorter, incrementally lowering the CG. Moving the shocks rearward along the plane of the chassis kickup also lowers the CG, as well as reducing the polar movement of inertia. I doubt that 99% of drivers, myself included, would notice the difference in either setup, however, the total of several incremental changes can make a real difference. Motorcycle engineers spend an incredible amount of time and money optimizing mass centralization, CG, and polar movement on race and supersport bikes, with very noticeable results.

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