I finally indulged and decided to pick up a rally roller since the prices seem to be dropping with the 1/10 scale being released. I briefly owned a MERV and found I didn't really like it compared to my p2de and slash(es), so I traded it before really getting to play with the innards of the bugger.

That said, I have a few questions that I could dig answers out of the threads I've been perusing so I figured I'd ask away. This community seems as helpful as the people over on the pede/monster jam forums so I'm bound to get some quality info.

My roller should be here when I get out of work, so I can get my hands on it then, but I'm gonna hit a few of the lhs to grab some necessary pieces. So - onto the questions:

1. Obviously I want to put bearings in at the knuckles, but what other bearings and sizes will I need? I think I read something about in the rocker arms?

2. I'm planning on running a SV2 / CC4600 power plant. I already have the mounts and such, but I'm worried about blowing the shafts off the little guy with that motor. As I'm not really looking to bash this one, am I ok with the stock shafts? Are there heavier duty plastic shafts or do I need to look to CVDs?

3. I've been seeing aluminum, graphite and plastic rocker arms online. Any advantage to running those over the stockers? I really like the look of the HR arms, but I'm not fond of upgrading pieces that are more functional left as is.

4. It's essential to shim the diffs in a MERV, I assume the same goes for its on road half brother? I was told a one way center diff is needed to keep the nose from smashing into the ground upon braking (Granted this is the same guy that runs his trucks like an idiot and argued that diffs can't leak fluid). Any truth to that, or is it more of a shock setup issue?

5. Aluminum knuckles, steel hollow balls, steel push rods, new springs for the shocks... Anything else I'm missing? I assume rpm arms are more for bashing, so ill pass on those for now.

6. What weight oil/fluid is considered standard for running? 10k? 30k?

I think that's it for now. Thanks in advance!