I built my E-Revo and i am about to take it out for it's first real run. But i am haveing a little issue, I dont know if it is normal or what. But when i give it veary little throttle to drive slow it will drive slow for a few seconds then it will get a burst of speed and stay at that speed untill i let go. I dont know why it dose that. All my settings are at default except for my cells i put at 3.4v and 50% punch controll and thats all. My gear mesh is fine too. I dot know if it's my slipper that needs to be tightend or if this is just someting the MMM dose. I tightend my slipper a little already because it was too loose and it's not makeing the sound it made when it was slipping. So i dont thing it's the slipper. I hope you guys can help. I'm about to run it and i will check back in a little bit.