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    The Official Traxxas DR1 and QR1 Helicopter Video Gallery. Post your Videos here!

    Welcome to the Official DR1 and QR1 Helicopter Video Gallery. This is a place where you can post your videos to show off your truck and/or your driving skills. Please read the following guide lines:

    This thread is for videos of your Traxxas DR1 and QR1 Helicopter only. If you have a question for one of the people posting a video, please send them an e-mail or a PM so the thread does not get filled up with people talking. This is a place for videos not people asking what body or tires someone is using.
    When you post a video, it would be greatly appreciated of you would post a detailed summary of what hop-ups you had on your vehicle at the time the video was taken.
    Anything off topic will be deleted.
    Any dead links will be deleted.

    I expect everyone here to follow the rules below, as well as the general forum rules. If foul language, dangerous behavior, or other issues become a problem with the videos here, the thread will be deleted without warning.
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    New DR-1

    Here's a video of me trying to hover with my new DR-1. Sorry about the grainy video, the lighting isn't great and goPro cameras don't work well indoors.

    ....and I missed the book.

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    QR-1 Tricks

    I had to put music in the background (or have no sound) because of an extremely loud and annoying barking dog on the other side of my back fence. Just mute it if you don't like it!
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    DR-1 Flying outside

    I've had some time to practice. It flies well outside as long as there isn't any wind.

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